As Wells Pharma approaches it’s one-year anniversary of commercial operations, I wanted to share a little about our future as an FDA-Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility.  First, we want to THANK our current and future customers who have supported our explosive growth!  I firmly believe that this is the direct result of our commitment to consistently supplying top quality products.  Here at Wells Pharma, we pride ourselves on executing the “5Cs” of our business model:

Our current production facility has immense capabilities, and we are in the process of expanding production by opening our second cleanroom.  The expansion will allow Wells Pharma to meet the supply demands of our customers for critical preparations like Fentanyl, Midazolam, Oxytocin and Norepinephrine (as well as our other products).  Additionally, we are on a path to full automation which will also play a major role in our current and future production capabilities.  Our automation is designed to streamline and standardize our production, increase capacity, reduce overhead, and reduce the potential for failed batches.  As you can see, Wells’ automation directly supports our execution of the “5Cs,” allowing us to exceed our customer’s expectations.

We are also in the final stages of qualifying our API Suite, which will give Wells Pharma the ability to produce items that are on the FDA Shortage List.  This capability will allow Wells Pharma to continue production and help our customers avoid the supply disruptions that occur when a manufactured drug goes into shortage.

Finally, Wells Pharma is preparing to launch The Antibiotics Center at Willowbend.  This is a separate facility, which is dedicated to the production of beta-lactam antibiotics like: Cefazolin, Ceftriaxone, Cefepime, and Penicillin.  

In short, the future of Wells Pharma is destined to be one that continues to expand and serve our customers!  We are committed to building our 503B business in a manner that keeps our customers as the number one priority.  I personally have sat on both the “buying” and “selling” side of the fence, and truly understand what our customers need.  It is our understanding and professional expertise that will catapult Wells Pharma as a leader in the 503B market!