The “Team Spotlight” series will allow you to meet one of Wells Pharma’s highly experienced experts. This professional/personal look will help you get to know who we are, and give an inside look at how our team members work to achieve our goal of becoming a market leader in the compounding industry.

Stephanie Young – Senior Acute Care Account Manager

What do you do at Wells Pharma?

I am the Senior Acute Care Account Manager for the Midwest, covering Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Kentucky.  I work with hospitals and surgery centers to supply them with sterile preparations for their patients.  I am the primary contact between the customer and our internal teams.

What do you like best about working with customers/clients?

Understanding their current needs and challenges by listening to their feedback and working through them to find solutions that will benefit the customer and ultimately the patient. Since we are a smaller 503B outsourcing facility, I am able to give my customers the personal attention they deserve, and I can go to the leadership team for resolutions quickly if need be.

In your opinion, what value(s) do customers gain by working with Wells Pharma?

Wells Pharma was built on the foundation of what we refer to as the 5 C’s, Confidence in Quality, Customer Service, Consistent Supply, Comprehensive Product Portfolio and Competitive Pricing.  These are the values that have contributed to the growth of the company.

Quality is, and always will be the most important thing we can offer our customers and their patients.  Two years ago, we were inspected by the Texas Department of Health Services, Drugs and Medical Devices Group.  This is the state entity that inspects all pharmaceutical manufactures operating in the state of Texas.  They found NO deficiencies and NO violations during their 3-day inspection.  In June of 2021, the FDA completed a three-week inspection of our facility.  As a result of that inspection, we were issued a 483 with only one minor observation.  Most other suppliers were issued 6-11 observations on their last inspection.

We know that consistent supply is critical to running a successful hospital or surgery center.  We use our anticipatory production to ensure that we have product available for customers who order on a regular basis, and we are investing in automation that will enhance our quality while at the same time increase our production capacity.  Our average turnaround time on subsequent orders is 3-5 days.

Why are you proud to work at Wells Pharma?

Every employee at Wells Pharma gives 110% to their specific job/role, and everyone understands the importance of working as a team.  Over the past year,  Wells Pharma has grown substantially.  Part of that growth is managing ​efficiencies throughout the organization. Everything we do resolves around the 5 C’s.

What are the biggest challenges faced by Wells Pharma and its customers in the current healthcare environment?

Right now, the biggest challenge Wells Pharma and our customers face is the COVID-19 pandemic and staffing issues in the hospital setting.  Many of our customers have a skeleton crew and working far more hours than before.

What is the one lesson you’ve learned in the industry that has helped you most?

The importance of frequent communication.  Situations and challenges always arise, and it is my responsibility to be open, transparent, and honest with my customers, so we can work together to overcome any problem.