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HCP Conference Overview

Well, we just wrapped up the HCP Virtual Expo! It was a very efficient and productive event, and I want to thank them for putting together an amazing platform for

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Partnership Announcement

Tony Schwartz President Wells Pharma of Houston and Wells Pharmacy Network Announce Strategic Agreement with Teleflex LLC (TFX) to Pre-Fill Pain Pumps for Ambulatory Patients Discharged from the Hospital. HOUSTON,

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Competitive Pricing

Wells Pharma produces commodity products, like all other players in the 503B industry.  A 5 mL syringe of 1mg/mL Neostigmine is exactly the same as that product from another outsourcer,

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Consistent Supply

All of the 503B’s tout their “reliability”, but they all have difficulty supplying all of their customers all of the time.  Several of our competitors have put customers on “allocation”,

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Comprehensive Product Portfolio

There are many 503B outsourcers in the market. According to the FDA’s website, there are currently 70 registered 503B’s.  Many of these have very specific “niches” that they serve, many

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Customer Service

As a new company in a mature market (outsourced sterile drug preparations), Wells Pharma recognizes that we can’t just be “good”…we must be GREAT.  Our competition has name recognition, GPO

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Confidence in Quality

This leadership team understands the 503B market is laden with pitfalls and dangers. Because of that, QUALITY is the most important thing we can offer our customers and patients. So,

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