Consistent Supply

Quick order turn-around times
and consistent supply.

Competitive Pricing

Designed to make us competitive
in the marketplace.


An FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility


Licensed to ship
in 50 states




Most products ship within 48 hours

What makes Wells Pharma stand out among the competition? First, it’s our leadership. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, few companies have the level of expertise that Wells Pharma has.

Secondly, it’s our automation. This will enable us to increase production capacity so we can maintain a consistent supply of the products our customers need most. Finally, it’s all about our staff. No 503B Outsourcer has a more loyal and dedicated staff than Wells Pharma. Our people are special, and they are the best in the business.

I am thrilled to lead such an <br>extraordinary group of talented <br>professionals here at Wells Pharma.

I am thrilled to lead such an
extraordinary group of talented
professionals here at Wells Pharma.

Tony Schwartz

5 Cs of Success

Does Your Compounding
Vendor Follow the 5 Cs
for Success?

The foundation of the company is based on what we refer to as the Five Cs – Confidence in Quality, Customer Service that is the BEST in the Industry, Comprehensive Product Offering, Consistent Supply, and Competitive Pricing. It is this foundation that truly makes us unique.

Confidence in Quality
Wells Pharma’s rigorous quality assurance program ensures safe and effective products. Wells Pharma meets all cGMP and FDA regulations pertaining to 503B Outsourcing Facilities.
Customer Service
Wells Pharma is dedicated to our customers and provides exceptional customer service. Our customer-centric approach is unique in the 503B Outsourcing marketplace and provides a positive experience for our customers.
Comprehensive Products
Wells Pharma has developed a comprehensive product portfolio, including most of the high-volume pharmacy products used by hospitals and surgery centers. Our portfolio allows us to be the supplier of choice.
Consistent Supply
Wells Pharma is committed to quick order turn-around times and consistent supply. Our automated production line and anticipatory batching system allows us to maintain standard stock inventory that is ready for distribution.
Competitive Pricing
Our pricing-structure is designed to make us competitive in the marketplace, whether the customer is using another outsourcer or producing in-house.

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