OR Syringes

Important Information

Given that most anesthesia syringes in the Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center environment are prepared in the surgical suite by the anesthesia provider presents a risk for medication errors. The tasks associated with selecting the medications, preparing the syringes, and administering the medications by a single practitioner can be a source of significant patient harm.


Wells Pharma Prefilled O.R. Syringes can reduce the risk associated with perioperative medication errors! Our OR Syringes are rigorously tested, follow ASTM color coding, utilize Tall Man lettering, and are barcoded to reduce the risk of medication errors.

Did you know?

The literature is sparse on perioperative medication errors and consists mostly of self-reported events. According to Nanji, et. al, (Evaluation of Perioperative Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events. Nanji KC, Patel A, Shaikh S, Seger DL, Bates DW, Anesthesiology. 2016 Jan; 124 (1): 25-34.)

  • 1 in 20 perioperative medication administrations result in a medication error and/or adverse drug event
  • 50% of ALL surgical procedures resulted in a medication error and/or adverse drug event
  • 100% (ALL) of the medication errors and 80% of the adverse drug events were deemed preventable
  • 33% of the medication errors resulted in patient harm

Most common errors are associated with...

  • Absent or incorrect labeling
  • Wrong dosage
  • Omitted dosage
  • Wrong medication

According to Brown, LB, (Medication administration in the operating room: new standards and recommendations. AANA J. 2014 Dec; 82(6):465-9.)
One recommendation to reduce perioperative medication error in the Hospital and Surgery Center environment is to “Require the use of commercially available, outsourced, or pharmacy-prepared prefilled or premixed syringes and infusions rather than anesthesia provider-prepared syringes and infusions. Use premade medication kits or drug trays by case type when feasible”

WELLS PHARMA’s OR Syringes are tested and designed to reduce your risk of medication errors!

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