Wells Pharma produces commodity products, like all other players in the 503B industry.  A 5 mL syringe of 1mg/mL Neostigmine is exactly the same as that product from another outsourcer, and it is exactly the same as that product made in a hospital pharmacy.  There are no clinical advantages to any product made by any outsourcer. Once a customer is satisfied with confidence in quality, they must decide who they will use as an outsourcer based on other factors, including service, product portfolio, and reliable supply. But usually, the deciding factor is price.

There are a number of reasons why Wells Pharma is always competitive when it comes to pricing. First, we are experts at managing business costs. Second, we produce a consistent supply, in large volumes. Third, our state-of-the-art automation capabilities save time, money, and reduce risk and liability. Finally, Wells Pharma understands the cost-pressure the healthcare industry is under, and we are committed to providing the best value and doing it reliably!

I was talking with one of our salespeople a few days ago, and she told me about a conversation that she had with a buyer at a large hospital.  They were talking about the current 503B outsourcer for the hospital, which has a history of backorders and allocations.  When the discussion turned to pricing, the buyer said, “I don’t care if it’s free. It does me no good if I can’t get the product.”  Needless to say, Wells Pharma has demonstrated our reliability (and did it at a lower price), and now that hospital has solved two problems with one decision…switching to Wells Pharma! 

We may not always be the “cheapest” supplier, but we are committed to providing the best value and doing it reliably.  And we will always be Competitively priced…

Please visit our website, and “C” the Wells Pharma difference for yourself!