Wells Pharma of Houston and Wells Pharmacy Network Announce Strategic Agreement with Teleflex LLC (TFX) to Pre-Fill Pain Pumps for Ambulatory Patients Discharged from the Hospital.

HOUSTON, TX – Wells Pharma of Houston, LLC (WPH) and Wells Pharmacy Network, LLC (WPN) are pleased to announce a new strategic agreement with Teleflex, LLC (TFX). The consignment agreement reached between the three companies makes pre-filled pain pumps available to hospitals and surgery centers for discharged patients.

TFX is in the business of selling unfilled infusion pumps under the AutoFuser® and AutoSelector® brand names. WPH/WPN are in the business of compounding sterile admixtures in various containers (including pumps) for sale to hospitals and surgery centers. This strategic agreement supports both WPH/WPN and TFX’s product and sales growth initiatives.

Under this agreement, the three companies entered into a mutually exclusive, 3-Year consignment agreement. The parties will validate ten product presentations and WPH/WPN will sell filled pumps with these validated compounded medications.

This strategic agreement allows for TFX to consign pumps to WPH/WPN of which WPH/WPN will fill the pumps with compounded medication and sell directly to hospitals and surgery centers.

The three companies are excited to get things started. Pre-sales and referrals are underway.

If you want or need further information, please contact Tony Schwartz, President, WPH and/or Kris Fishman, President, WPN.

We look forward to future success of this agreement.

About Wells Pharma of Houston, LLC
Wells Pharma is a leading provider of outsourced compounded sterile preparations to acute care hospitals and surgical centers in the United States. Our sterile preparations offer a strong value proposition to our customers including timely and consistent delivery.

About Wells Pharmacy Network, LLC.

Wells Pharmacy Network is a privately held nationwide compounding pharmacy specializing in wellness, anti-aging, weight management, sexual wellness, aesthetic dermatology and thyroid and adrenal health. Our mission is to elevate compounding industry standards through a unique combination of superior science and service