Well, we just wrapped up the HCP Virtual Expo! It was a very efficient and productive event,
and I want to thank them for putting together an amazing platform for face-to-face interactions with hospital decision makers and suppliers.

As the Regional Acute Care Manager for the Midwest, I had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with 10 Health System Leaders, and introduce Wells Pharma to their leadership teams. It was clear that the providers were very interested and extremely attentive. After listening to their needs and concerns, it was evident that each health system was looking for a 503B supplier of compounded sterile preparations that offers quality products with consistent supply at a competitive price. I certainly made a case why Wells Pharma would be their best option and partner!

I joined Wells Pharma almost a year ago, and was excited to learn that the foundation of the company is based on what we refer to as the “5 C’s”:

  • Confidence in Quality,
  • Customer Service (we want ours to be the BEST in the industry!)
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
  • Consistent Supply
  • Competitive Pricing

It is this foundation that truly makes Wells Pharma unique in the 503B Outsourcing industry.  Every discussion we have at work always revolves around the “5 C’s,” and how each one has a positive impact on our business and customers. We will continue to focus on these foundational principles in order to secure company growth, and provide the best experience possible for our customers and their patients.