As Assistant Vice President for the Acute Care Region, I had the pleasure of representing Wells Pharma at the Texas Society of Health System Pharmacists (TSHP) 2021 earlier this month. The event consisted of a Virtual Reverse Exposition and Virtual Hall which both ran smoothly. In my opinion, the biggest takeaway for me from the event was gaining further insight into what companies really need in a compounding pharmacy to best support their healthcare systems.

The Reverse Expo was a tremendous opportunity for us to introduce pharmacy leadership from across Texas to Wells Pharma. I had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with 15 Health Systems leaders from Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Amarillo, and Tyler. Overall, the conference was a success.

Newer to the market, it is vital that Wells Pharma gains a clear understanding of the most important characteristics Health Systems desire when partnering with a 503B outsourcing facility. I made a point of asking the question to all the various companies I met with.  The most common responses I received were Health Systems need a 503B to partner with who is strong in quality, has reliable inventory, and competitive pricing. I also learned that trust and open communication from vendors is sorely lacking in the 503B space. I was not at all surprised by the responses. I have also found that outsourcing facilities have the most difficulty delivering reliable inventories. A reduced inventory negatively impacts Health Systems’ ability to support their patients.

Earlier this year when I joined Wells Pharma, I was excited to learn that the foundation of the company is based on what we refer to as the Five C’s – Confidence in Quality, Customer Service that is Best in the Industry, Comprehensive Product Offering, Consistent Supply, and Competitive Pricing. It is this foundation that truly makes us unique. In the coming weeks, I look forward to sharing with pharmacy leadership how the “Five C’s” coupled with our 10% Guaranteed Savings Program is what sets Wells Pharma apart from the competitors.