What do you do at Wells Pharma? 

I serve as an Assistant VP- Acute Care, responsible for hospital and surgery center sales in California, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii. What I believe set’s me apart from others is my approach to selling. My discussions are needs based and customer centric.  

What do you like best about working with customers/clients?

I find joy in working with people. By being collaborative, listening to their needs, I connect with my customers on both personal and professional levels.  Establishing trust is a fundamental aspect of my approach. I’m dedicated to ensuring my customers feel confident that I am committed to making their work smoother, and they can rely on my support. Wells equips me with the necessary resources to fulfill this commitment. The words that resonate with me most from customers are, “Thank you so much – you’ve made my day!”  These expressions of gratitude reinforce my passion for creating positive impacts in their lives.  

In your opinion, what value(s) do customers gain by working with Wells Pharma?

At Wells, one certainty you can count on is quality! We prioritize consistent product excellence, recognizing its direct impact on patient health and safety. There are no shortcuts taken; building trust means ensuring our customers have unwavering confidence in our quality standards. Wells Pharma is FDA inspected/approved and licensed in all 50 states. Recent enhancements include a new API suite, automation, and additional raw material sources for reliable supply. Our dedicated team operates seamlessly, exhibiting camaraderie, high standards, and ethical practices. From manufacturing’s extra efforts to meet demand to prompt and pleasant customer service, Wells exudes commitment and excellence across all departments. Additionally, our sales team is proud to offer a comprehensive product portfolio with competitive pricing. If we don’t produce a specific product, we are happy to engage in conversation about potentially adding to our formulary. Finding ways to meet customer needs is a daily discussion at Wells.  

Why are you proud to work at Wells Pharma?

I take immense pride in being part of Wells because I’ve witnessed the company consistently uphold high standards and integrity. On occasion they come to a fork in the road, and I wonder which path they will take. It’s always the high road. Wells remains dedicated to excellence. In the ever-evolving 503B space, Wells has not only embraced the changes but has also been a provider of quality to our customers during these transformative months. It’s gratifying to contribute positively to our customers experiences in such dynamic times.  

What are the biggest challenges faced by Wells Pharma and its customers in the current healthcare environment?

I perceive the challenge for Wells Pharma and its customers as overcoming the tendency to lump all outsourcers together. Recognizing customer skepticism, we actively demonstrate the safety, efficacy, and timely delivery of our products. Recent events have strained confidence in care, providing an opportunity for collaboration. Let’s work together to set the gold standard and deliver world-class healthcare. By fostering cooperation and emphasizing our dedication to excellence, we can navigate challenges and contribute to a positive transformation.  

What is the one lesson you’ve learned in the industry that has helped you most?

I’ve enjoyed an incredible 25-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, blessed with a wealth of knowledge across various domains. The paramount lesson I’ve learned is the importance of prioritizing the patient. Recognizing them as our ultimate customer, I’ve learned that doing what is right, being honest and working with integrity should always be at the forefront of decisions and actions. It’s a fulfilling journey, where putting the patient first not only aligns with ethical principles but the rewards naturally follow.  

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