As a new company in a mature market (outsourced sterile drug preparations), Wells Pharma recognizes that we can’t just be “good”…we must be GREAT.  Our competition has name recognition, GPO agreements, large sales teams, and extensive marketing budgets.  However, one of the weaknesses of being big is that customer service can suffer.  Customers become “a number”, rather than a partner.  Part of our commitment is that this will not be the case with Wells Pharma. Ever.

In order for us to add a new customer, our salespeople must gain interest, prove our quality, provide a solution to a problem, and manage that account through the entire set-up process.  All of this leads to a personal relationship between the salesperson and the customer (usually a hospital pharmacy buyer and/or Director of Pharmacy).  This process also involves several people in our manufacturing facility, from production-planning to order fulfillment.  We get to know our customers on a first-name basis, and this relationship continues after the account is set up and ordering regularly.

Our salespeople maintain “ownership” of their customers.  The customer is not handed off to an Inside Sales person for account maintenance. The customer remains with the salesperson.  However, we do have a customer service team that can help our customers as well.  That team can place orders, track shipments, provide CofA’s, provide inventory and production information, etc.  We also have several pharmacists on staff that can discuss and answer any clinical concerns or questions that our customers might have.  Wells Pharma also has a support structure in place to answer any billing questions.

Almost every business in the world has a sign that says: “The customer is #1.”  Some businesses actually follow the philosophy of outstanding customer service.  Unfortunately, that mantra is often just lip-service. The actual focus is on larger and more profitable accounts. Thereby relegating smaller accounts to 2nd class status.  

Of course, this does not mean that Wells Pharma will always be perfect. We won’t be.  There will be delayed orders, mistakes in quantities, billing errors, etc.  However, our commitment is to provide absolute transparency, to always conduct our business professionally, and to always strive for perfection. 

That is why Customer service is the 2nd part of our “5 C’s of Success”…

Please visit our website, and “C” the Wells Pharma difference for yourself!